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Sweet Table 

Sweet filled Jars for Sweet Tables and Candy Buffet

We do sweet table jars filled with sweets and includes personalised paper bags and scoop and tongs for collecting the sweets. 

The standard sweets we do are :

- Bon Bon 
- Marshmallow
- Vanilla Fudge 
- Jelly Beans 
- Bubble gum flavour Fizzy Bottle 
- Haribo
- Lollipops (Strawberry and Cream

For a package for:  

-50 guest (5KG) worth of sweets will cost £100

- 60 guests - £130(6KG) worth of sweets

- 100 guests - £170 (10KG) 

- 200 Guests - £250 (20KG)

If you would like sweets in a particular colour scheme or wish to add certain sweets do let us know and we will quote you.

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