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Sweet Tables… The Perfect Nostalgic Touch For Your Next Event!

No matter what kind of event you have planned, there’s one surefire way to tug at people’s heartstrings and make sure that your big day is nothing but memorable - and that’s through the fine art of nostalgia marketing!

Taking people back to their childhoods with a touch of whimsy here and there is a failsafe way to make your event a rip-roaring success and there’s no better way to go about doing this than with a well-stocked sweet table nestled somewhere in your venue.

Candy buffets, sweet tables and chocolate stations have become hugely popular for all sorts of different types of events over the last few years and your guests are sure to respond favourably if you do decide to appeal to their sweet tooth.

Now’s actually the perfect time to go for all things sweet, with new movie Wonka proving to be a particularly big hit with one and all. You could easily add the wow factor by dressing your table up Willy Wonka style and really bring a smile to people’s faces without much trouble at all.

In terms of what sweets to lay on the table, the only limit is your imagination! All the old favourites are a must, of course, so stock your jars full of the likes of jelly beans, Haribo (naturally!), lollipops, vanilla fudge, marshmallows, bonbons, fizzy bottles and a whole lot more.

You’re also sure to love the versatility of this particular option, since the table itself can be positioned anywhere you have a suitable space, or you could have several tables of various sizes dotted around. 

If you went for something like a candy cart as an alternative you’d be relatively restricted about where to put it, but dressing up a table is a great option that allows you to cater for your guests without causing any obstructions.

Want to find out more about this delectable dining option? Get in touch with the Di-Moda Events team today.


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