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Flower Wall Backdrops Are Adding the Perfect Oomph to This Season’s Event Decor

Planning a wedding is a tough task by all means and when it comes to decor and style, pulling out all the stops for design success is usually a factor given much consideration.

Flower wall backdrops have been a décor trend sported by some of the biggest names in the world. To name a few, social media sensation and reality television superstar Kim Kardashian’s wedding to music singer and producer Kanye West in 2015 paved way to one of the hottest wow factor trends for wedding decoration, the flower wall.

Since then, backdrops adorned with luscious greens have taken centre stage as a magical focal point when placed in and around your big event. Whether you choose to use it as your luxurious backdrop during vow exchange or decide to highlight it’s presence during the cake cutting ceremony, flower walls are a breath of fresh air.

Choosing the right kind of flowers for your backdrop

The greatest thing about flower wall backdrops is related to the fact that they can be customised to your heart’s desire and budget limitations of course.

In case you plan on going all out and about like Kimye’s mega event, be ready to wow guests with a true vision comprising of monochromatic white hued blooms. And if your demands are a little less than that of a Kardashian bride, create a similar effect by using more moss/greenery while minimising the blooms. You can even take things to another level with a classic hydrangea and rose wall to captivate your audience’s attention with oohs and ahhs.

The type of floral used will ultimately determine your price tag. With that being said, there are a number of cost-effective alternatives that can create similar looks without going overboard on spending.

What are the best places for flower walls at weddings?

The exclusively designed Dimoda Events Flower wall backdrops are stunning pieces that capture attention for all the right reasons. And their beauty lies in the fact that they can almost be placed anywhere and everywhere. Here are some great options.

The entrance- Set the tone with an impressive start

At the altar- Saying ‘I Do’ right in front of a luxurious array of blooms is no longer fantasy

Behind the head table- With the guests seated right in front of you, it’s truly captivating for them to view you and your partner in all their glory

Photo Backdrop- Give guests something innovative to talk about and a magical keepsake for years

Dessert table- Make a stellar performance during your cake cutting ceremony.

Flower wall backdrops can be incorporated into any special event

It’s important to understand that although flower walls are commonly used for wedding décor purposes, they can also be incorporated into any other special event too.

Flower walls are seamless décor showstoppers that can be used to transform special occasions such as corporate dinners, baby showers, birthdays and garden parties too. It’s totally up to you.

How about using your company’s logo on your flower wall for the next corporate gala dinner or maybe a wall comprising of yellow, red and orange blooms with fresh autumn leaves for your November birthday bash? There are endless possibilities to choose from.

How to maximise your flower wall’s versatility at the wedding?

When you’re spending so much on décor, trying to maximize its versatility is probably smart thinking done right. In this case, the flower wall can be used to its greatest benefit by being placed during the main ceremony and then having your team of decorators shift it over to your reception site.

How about adding a small chair or sofa and a few accessories such as lighting for an on the spot selfie station that guests will simply adore. And if that’s not enough, why not monogram the bride and groom’s initials for a more personal touch. It’s all about creativity.

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