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How To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding

Couples who are inviting children to their wedding not only have to think about what canapes and drinks they are serving but also ways to keep the youngsters happy and in good form all day long. 

Nobody wants bored and cranky kids spoiling their Big Day, so the secret is to never let them get that way. Make sure you think about lots of activities they could get involved in, such as outdoor games during the drinks reception or activity books so they have something to do throughout the speeches. 

Instead of giving them traditional favours, you could make theirs more kid-focused. For instance, you could give them some bubbles, a craft kit or mini Lego set, some sweets, and a keyring to remember the day by. 

Speaking of sweets, it could be a good idea to hire a wedding sweet table, especially if you have young guests. 

No child will turn their back on a table covered in all their favourite sweets, from Jelly Beans to Haribo, lollipops to marshmallows, so you can guarantee they will be kept quiet and busy while they fill their hands with the tasty treats. 

And when the sugar rush hits, why not let them have fun at a family-friendly disco before your wedding band kicks off the evening entertainment? This will let them feel like they’ve had a great time on the dancefloor even if they don’t last the whole night long. 

Another option is to include the children in the Big Day. They might be bored sitting in a church ceremony, but if they were made to be a flower girl or page boy and got to walk down the aisle, they are more likely to be compliant as they feel special. 

You won’t be able to do this if you have lots of kids attending, but for one or two, this could be a good idea - and they will look adorable in official photos! 


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