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How Should You Choose Your Corporate Event Theme?

There are few better ways to make an impression with shareholders, delegates and other important guests than with a branded themed corporate party, particularly if your business goes all-out with the decorations, trimmings and other ways to express it.

Whether the target audience is internal or external, a themed party will always grab guest’s attention, be exceptionally engaging and create a highly positive brand association that will provide ample benefits in the long term.

There is a reason why so many corporate events have adopted extravagant themes such as The Great Gatsby, but the difficulty is choosing a theme that perfectly summarises your brand.

It is not always easy to actually select a theme, as anyone who has been to a planning meeting can attest to, but here are some little shortcuts you can take to choosing the perfect theme for your business.

Think About The Ultimate Goal

What is the ultimate message you want your guests to take away from the party? Obviously, you will want them to have a great time, but how do you want them to remember the party and what objective would make it a success beyond people having a nice time?

It does not need to be much more than this; an internal office party might simply be a celebration of how the company has worked together to conquer its targets, but that sense of togetherness is itself a theme.

For a launch party, the brand, product or initiative is front and centre, but everything around it will funnel and shape impressions. In this case, your party is a marketing campaign people can experience, so theme accordingly.

Tap Into Your Legacy

A brand’s heritage is an often-untapped asset, and a great source of inspiration for themes, particularly for businesses that have led the way in their industry.

If there is a particular product or era that the business is associated with, this can be the perfect source of inspiration, with 20s, 50s, 60s and 80s-themed parties all bringing something particularly special and unique.

Branch From A Central Idea

The beauty of a theme is that it is often so broad that you can build your itinerary from a central, simple idea. 

Say, for example, your theme is “the future”. There are so many paths you can take, from the initiative you are undertaking now, to presenting prototypes of products that are set to be produced, and even presenting your own vision for how the future will look.


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